The MTX960 is a smart choice for your organisation
because it offers extra features to expand your
communication needs and enhance your operational

Highlights of the MTX960

– Signalling – Smartnet
– Power Output – 1-5W / 1-4W(VHF,UHF), 1 – 2.5W(800MHz)
– Option Board – No
– Keypad – Yes
– Display – Yes
– Emergency Button – No
– Battery Life – 8 hours (High Power), 11 Hours (Low Power)
– With Standard Hi-Cap. NiMH battery
– Mil Spec – MIL-STD 810C, D & E
– Intrinsically Safe – Yes
– Weight (gm/kg) – 428gms (With Standard
– Hi-Cap.NiMH battery)
– Frequency – 136-174MHz 403-470MHz ,800MHz
– Channels – 16 x 90 Talkgroups
– Dimension (H X W X D) – 137mm x 57.5mm x 37.5mm
(with Standard Hi-Cap. NiMH battery)


– Superb audio quality for effective communications
with LLE and noise cancelling microphone.
– Selective Radio Inhibit feature enables dispatcher
to remotely disable stolen radios for greater security.
– 14 character alpha-numeric display optimises
communication efficiency.
– Scanning of talkgroups and channels for messages, and
monitoring of channels ensures greater efficiency.
– Lithium Ion battery option provides a higher capacity battery
at a lighter weight, allowing longer hours of communication.


– Programmable channel spacing of 12.5/ 20/ 25 kHz
offersflexibility and easy migration of channel spacing.
– Dual Mode Capability allows user the convenience
of selecting either trunked or conventional operations.
– Allows up to 90 modes to keep large diverse user talkgroups
constantly in touch with one another.
– Allows user choice of receiving and making telephone calls
through the trunked system. Dialing is also available via
editable phone book or direct keypad entry.